Why you need to have a Website?

A website allows for a much more robust experience for visitors than most other platforms. This means that you can be more efficient at providing visitors the information that they’re looking for, as well as the opportunity to create web applications for more value to your visitors.

Websites also allow you more control over your branding. While sites like Facebook allow some customization, it’s still inside Facebook’s shell. Companies are able to control all aspects of a design with a website.

Metrics and measurements to know how well your digital tactics are working are much easier to get via a website. Facebook and Twitter do provide some metrics (as well as some provided by third-parties), but the metrics are not as business oriented, making it more difficult to measure specific tactics and promotions.

If your web site looks professional, your potential clients will think you’re a professional who has enough clients and enough income to have a site built for you. If potential clients visit your web site and it looks half-assed and home-built that’s how they’ll perceive you.

What kind of Website you are looking for?

Responsive Website

-Optimised for all Smartphones, Tablets and PC

-Increase Sales & Conversion rates

-Increase SEO visibility

-Save time and cost on Mobile development

Ecommerce Website

-Responsive design as standard

-Professional development of website

-Integrated with CMS

-Payment gateway set up

Mobile Website

-Design can differ to your main website

-Deliver unique content to your audience

-Less than 5% of online businesses have one

-Synchronise with mobile social media

Static Website

-Want bespoke design on every page

-Want to have a web agency to do all updates

-Cheaper to implement

Website with CMS

-Display your entire business catalogue

-Have full control over admin and web content

-Analyse all your website statistics

-Increase SEO visibility