POS for Restaurant

Why You Need a POS for Your Restaurant?

Whether you’re running a single restaurant or multiple establishments, effective decision-making is and always will be a critical element of your operation’s overall success. However, good decisions that foster profitability and position your business for long-term growth can’t be made in a vacuum – they must be based in fact. Applying data from the POS reporting component of your POS system can prove very helpful in deciding how to:

POS reporting can pinpoint the duration of a dining cycle (the duration from order placement to payment receipt, or the duration from seating customers at a table to the moment their check is settled) and the cause of any delays (e.g., slow server, excessive item preparation time). You can then make educated decisions about strategies for eliminating these problems—for example, taking complex dishes off the menu, developing streamlined ways to create meals, or re-training servers to work more efficiently.
POS reporting yields insight into which menu items are popular and profitable and can therefore be temporarily promoted to draw new customers without negatively impacting your margins. You can also determine which items are profitable but not popular and, consequently, should be “played up” on menu boards/digital signage, featured as daily specials, and/or offered as free incentives to loyalty club members. Items that are neither profitable nor popular (and therefore merit removal from the menu), and items that are popular but not especially profitable (and should be paired on the menu with more profitable items to enhance sales of the latter) can be identified through POS reporting.
With POS reporting, it’s easier to figure out not just whether sales are up, down, or unchanged, but why this is so.  For instance, if decreasing traffic is the identified culprit for decreasing sales, advertising to attract more customers seems like the right move. If traffic and the number of transactions are stable but sales are on a downswing, you’ll know that you should try to boost average spending through upselling, combo offers and adding premium items to the menu.
Harness your POS reporting to learn whether coupon redemption rates are sufficient and which distribution channels (in-store, email, etc.) generated the best ones. Do the same to determine the right discount amounts for price promotions as well as to learn everything about your customer base, from who customers are (to formulate strategies for better targeted marketing) to average customer lifetime value (to discern how much money to invest in cultivating loyal patrons).
A look at your POS reporting will clue you in on which managers have more voids, no-sales, and sales deletions during their shifts and may warrant further investigation. It also enables you to improve inventory control by keeping an eye on high-value items by looking at reports of counts at the beginning and end of servers’ shifts. Also, you can enhance cash control by scrutinizing mid-shift cash tray reports and blind counts in which cashiers are unaware of the amount of cash in the till at the start of the shift.

Why Choose Our POS Solution for Your Restaurant?

  • Easy Use

    Our software is the most intuitive restaurant point of sale software on the market. Restaurant managers can train servers in as little as 60 seconds to place orders and close out checks. The colorful, organized touch screen interface guides servers through each transaction, helping them place each order quickly and accurately.

  • Quick

    Quick order entry is critical in every establishment as customers don’t enjoy having to wait in line. The Restaurant POS system is specifically designed to speed up the operations in your restaurant. It allows quick service cashiers to keep lines moving, resulting in happier customers and higher volume. It allows servers to spend less time inputting orders and more time serving guests. Every second saved can help improve customer service and boost profits.

  • Organized

    The kitchen is the busiest area in most restaurants and errors in preparation can cost precious time, money and customer loyalty. Fast-paced, demanding environments use our restaurant point of sale and a kitchen display system to speed up service and enhance productivity by routing orders to the proper preparation areas, flagging tardy orders and displaying items as they are rung into the restaurant point of sale system. Employees can print clear, concise order tickets to the kitchen, including a list of items ordered, item modifiers (printed in red), a unique order number, order time and server name.

  • Detailed

    The detailed reports built in provide the numbers needed to make smart business decisions. Most restaurant owners know whether or not their establishment is profitable, but many don’t know how to increase that profit. Our sales reports can help determine that. Our restaurant point of sale system allows access to information such as best and worst-selling menu items and estimated ingredient usage. These reports could help reduce ingredient costs by 1 to 5 percent. Managers can also access labor per dollar hour comparison reports to avoid costly overstaffing.

POS for Retail

Target Industries

Our retail POS solution is scalable for many types of retail stores, single or multi-site:

  • Apparel \ clothing
  • Liquor stores
  • Book stores
  • Dollar & Discount stores
  • Video game & music stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery & Supermarket
  • Gift shops & museum shops
  • Video & equipment rental
  • Car washes
  • Florists
  • Cellular & Electronics
  • Tobacco stores

Fast & Responsive

New Windows offline POS software improves significantly touch-screen responsiveness and helps maintain working speed even during the busiest hours. Don’t feel comfortable utilizing touch screen? No need, there is also an option to use a keyboard & mouse instead.

Easy Installation

POS hardware installation hassle free. It has all been modified for you using offline POS software installation wizard, just follow the steps to a successful install. Utilizing direct printing technology we can spit out receipts 65% faster than using traditional drivers. Speaking of drivers, those are also no longer necessary. Setting up your receipt printer, customer display or cash drawer is as simple as connecting them to a computer and turning them on.

Hassle free POS software

Some points on how we can make your life easier:

  • Automatic setup wizard, minimizes steps making software installation easier than you ever imagined.
  • Be the best retailer, not the best IT guy. Eliminate need for difficult, costly communication with IT personnel. Computer goes down? Log in on a replacement; all of your data is safely stored in the Cloud, backed up in 2 replica servers equipped with automatic fail-over for maximum data safety.
  • Automatic POS software updates. Let us focus on the next big feature while you focus on business, after all that is our area of expertise. Your system will be updated consistently. No costs, no headache.

Powerful Backend

Attractive POS software is nothing without a powerful back-office to match. Get beauty and brains with us. Equipped with powerful tools like stock replenishment based on reorder restock levels, Customer CRM, loyalty programs, promotional campaign management, coupons, and employee commissions tracking to name a few.

Integrated Sales Promotions

Our POS software offers you more than just the standard features. Expect more from your POS with cutting edge features:

  • Built-in e-mail client
  • Screensavers and customer displays showcasing promotions in real time. A few clicks allow access to back-end to manage promotional offerings
  • GreenPOS features. Reduce energy consumption while POS is not in use. Auto log-off and scheduled hibernatio
  • Social POS – built in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Groupon integrations


  • User-friendly
  • Colorful UI
  • Easy look-ups
  • Built-in wizard
  • Cloud security levels
  • Product photos
  • Touch-screen ready
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-register
  • Multi-store locations
  • Time-controlled promotions
  • Powerful promotions engine
  • Credit & gift cards processing
  • Universal bar-codes
  • Sales commission
  • Suspended sales
  • Exports to MS-Excel
  • Integration to QuickBooks
  • Suggestion sales
  • Time-clock & reports
  • Customer loyalty cards


  • Extensive reports
  • Color & size matrices
  • Gift or product kits
  • Purchase orders, replenishment levels
  • Supplier database
  • Multiple inventories
  • Multi-store locations
  • No database limits
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer orders
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Multi-user
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Sales promotions engine
  • Powerful import & export
  • Inter-store and warehouse transfers
  • Works both online and offline
  • Stock taking, inventory adjustments

Our POS Package