IT Outsource

GOYI Solution aims to free IT department from daily operational activities, and allow them to deliver strategic value back to their business by creating a scalable infrastructure that is closely aligned to their organisations core business operations. In short, delivering a better service for less cost.

Benefits of a Full IT Outsource

  • Systems kept running allowing focus on core business functions

  • Reduced operating costs – typically up to 30%

  • Increased business efficiency by aligning IT to business requirements

  • Reduced business risk by investing in service not technologies

  • Resolvement of recruitment and retention problems

Why GOYI Solution?

We are able to offer application development and support skills to deliver a fully supported application management outsourced service, either for existing legacy applications or for new applications being developed by us or others. This can be delivered as a fully managed IT outsourcing service or as part of an ‘application tier only’ support service.

GOYI take responsibility for all of your IT systems; such as email, firewalls, systems monitoring, data centre hosting etc, and deliver a service up to and including the operating system level, all based on agreed service levels for a fixed number of years.