GOYI Logistic Platform adopted latest cloud-based technology and cross-platform modular framework, which perfectly combine the modern logistics business process. Automate and intelligentize current tedious logistics business process. GOYI Logistic Platform provides one-stop solution for logistic business process that turns current “passive management” into “active management”, which not only solve the problems of inefficient communication with clients, time consuming to make order and tracing the parcels, but also hard to make payments etc. Main modular functions please refer to below:

1. Multiple client sides login

GOYILogistic platform support cross platform login(App/Web) with different rule and authority

  • Admin panel
    1. Admin accounts will have their own passwords to login
    2. Online manage order and job
    3. Online job and parcel tracking
    4. Report generating
  • End user panel
    1. Use mobile No. to register
    2. Online submit order
    3. In-App payment
    4. In-App tracking
    5. In-App messaging
  • Drivers panel
    1. View the latest order state
    2. Online sign with signature
    3. Barcode scanning

2. Cloud push notification module

a.) Admin panel

  1. Job push-Whenever there is new order received from client, the admin account will receive push notification
  2. IM push-Whenever there is new message send to admin, the admin account will receive new message push notification
  3. Job status push- Whenever the client has update or made payment to the order, the admin account will receive job change push notification

b.)End user panel

  1. Job status push-Whenever the admin make change to the job, the user account will receive push notification
  2. IM push-Whenever there is new message send to user, the user account will receive new message push notification

3. Instant messaging module

a.) Support IM for different client side

  1. End user is able to chat with admin account
  2. Similar to WhatsApp
  3. In-App communication channel

b.)Support Cross platform IM

  1. User in Android app can send message to user in IOS App
  2. Support web portal message

4. Admin reporting module

  1. Based on requirement to generate report accordingly
  2. Export or send the report to email

5. In-App Order/Job Management Module

a.) Admin can manage customer’s order/job in the App or Website

  1. Status Update
  2. Information Change
  3. Schedule job to drivers

b.) Fast fuzzy search module

  1. Quick search by date, keyword and status
  2. Extract the order fast and accurate

6. Online ordering module

User can submit their order in Android App and IOS App

  • Submit customize logistic request
    1. Van size request
    2. Good type, size and weight
    3. Photo upload
  • Online job tracking
    1. Real time location tracking for the parcel
  • Quotation auto generation
    1. Quotation can be auto generated basedon user requirement
    2. User can make the payment online after quotation generated

7. In-App payment module

a.) Allow end users to make payment for the job in the App

  1. Support VISA, Master
  2. Support Paypal
  3. Support Alipay

b.) Highly secure and efficient payment environment

  1. Enclosed with cloud payment framework
  2. Fast, efficient and safe

8. Real time warehouse management module

  1. Based on parcel or client extract warehouse information
  2. Auto calculate warehouse space requirement
  3. Make limited space highly efficient